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Measuring method

The FOCAS-1800 using a full optical continuous measuring method* can sure grasp changes of oil concentration every moment while providing a very quick measurement response.

* The light coming form optical elements is received by multiple optical elements. Then, a complicated analysis about changes of oil type or concentration amd differences of pattern due to mixed foreign substances can be made by CPU and sofware in an instant through calculation.



  • This product adopts an automatic operation method usng sample water pressure which is matched to the operation of an oil separator or pump.
  • The automatic washing funciton of the detection unit can reduce troublesome manual washing work, (Optional)
  • An error code indication provided at occurrence of a device fault and a stain indication of the detection unit facilitate maintenance and inspection. The product has a high-maintainbility structure.
  • The device can be calibrated on a ship or on the side by using a calibration unit. (However, the qualification for calibration specified by the manufacturer is required).
  • Operation records such as trouble alarms can be saved in a memory card and confirmed as required.
  • The product can measure only the oil concentration and is not affected by SS content (floating turbidity substance other than oil content) and surface active agent.
  • For alarms, a double safety method is used. When the oil concentration is 15 ppm or more, an oil alarm is output. When sample water is defective or the instrument is defective, a troule alarm is output.


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